Kendos. 2008. - Artist in residence at Mesta Chios, Greece.


CHIOS -  In 2008, having secured funding from the Arts Council England and supported from the Masticulture agency, I was able to undertake a 12-week artist residency in Chios Greece.


The project's aim was to witness and better understand continuity and change in a rural context. My activity was indexed to an exploration of the folk and ethnic mores of Chios reflected in the handmade and craft objects related to the islands unique mastic culture and architecture.  And in effect, interrogate how the material makings of local people combined to define the landscape of its community culture and how its residents reveal and renew their personal and cultural ties through these traditional arts.


The tradition of Tree dressing is to be found in many old customs from all over the world. Nowadays its purpose often aims to encourage the celebration of trees not only in the rural countryside and village green but also in the city, anywhere in the public domain. It highlights our responsibility for looking after trees and reminds us of their enormous cultural and environmental importance.


Kendos, in common with my previous projects, engages with aesthetic and cultural responsiveness to place/situation, to bring attention towards the often overlooked poetry and metaphors of our everyday experience to renovate the familiar sights of our daily experience into something new and unexpected.


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